Monday, April 10, 2017

It's Not Over Till I Win

Years ago, my daughter wrote and recorded a song entitled "It's Not Over Till I win". The chorus of the song goes like this:
"I'm not givin' up. I'm not givin' in. I've got to keep believing. It's not over till I win! I'm not givin' up! I'm not givin' in. I've gotta keep on pressing on. Cause it's not over till I win."

That song certainly rang true this weekend. Ryan and Shawntel asked if I could come to Austin to stay with the boys and to go to Brennan's Baseball Tournament in Taylor TX. Alexia came with me and it was "Game on", but on the first day, Brennan's team fell short on both of that day's games. They are a good team, but on that just didn't come together for them. So, going into yesterday's games, our expectations weren't that high and if we lost the first game, we knew we'd be heading back home. But, lo and behold, they won their first game, and then they won their second game, that pushed them to the semi-final that they won again which put them in the final game. And, to our amazement, they won the overall tournament, winning these Texas-sized tournament rings. Of course there was celebration in ginormous proportions. It sure made it worth our while to get to be a part of the excitement. Brennan was confident that it was Nana and Alexia's presence that helped them win and asked if we'd be sure to come to all of their tournament games. LOL!

What if those boys and their coaches had given up when they lost those first two games? But they didn't, and with each win, they seemed to gather more and more confidence and determination that said "It's Not Over Till We Win!"

What about the losses we've experienced in life? Did they make us quit the game or did it propel us to dig our heels in and realize that each loss showed us what we were doing wrong and what we were doing right.

Are you done? Are you ready to throw in the towel? Do you hear voices that say "You're losing -- you just can't take it anymore -- you might as well give up -- you're gonna fail again?" Then I urge you to listen to this song, written and sung by my favorite vocalist, who heard those same voices and had plenty of reasons to give up. But instead of giving up....she pulled up her bootstraps and let those voices know "It's Not Over Till I Win!" Turn up the volume on your speakers and get ready to fire up and muscle up! It's time for your come-back! It's NOT OVER TILL YOU WIN.