Friday, May 12, 2017

We Fall Down But We Get Up

There's no one that amuses me more, than ME! I'm so glad that I can laugh at my mistakes AND learn from them, because this girl has made a lot of mistakes, blunders AND bloopers, but I just keep on keeping on.

While at Brennan's baseball tournament last weekend, I was holding a tall styrofoam cup of ice and water in my lap. Brennan hit the ball so hard -- 3 runners came in. I was so excited I squeezed the cup so hard it broke and burst all over me and my chair. I jumped up out of that seat like a Jack in the Box. I gave the people behind me a really good laugh. You're welcome!
Needless to say, I looked like I had serious personal "plumbing" issues. But....I dried....and so did my chair!

You may know how Facebook provides "On this day" posts and photos each day of what we posted a year ago, 2 years, 3 years and even more -- forever how long we've been posting. BTW, if you don't know how to check that out and you'd like to see your archives, just type in on your own search engine, and it will populate all your Facebook Memories for that day. I make that a priority each day, because I laugh at some of my posts, cherish the photos and I even get inspired enough to repost what I posted, but with a new twist, based on what I've come to know since the last time I posted.

On May 6th (from 2012), a memory popped up from my Half Marathon in Vancouver BC. Sometimes memories remind us also of PAIN! Yes, I finished my run and I beat my best time, but what I read reminded me of how we sometimes fall down.....but we get back up again. I had run my first mile and felt so good, but then, a little lady carrying groceries, stepped out off the curb, right in front of me and I went tumbling. It didn't break her stride at all -- just kept on going across the runners paths. But, me? Scrapes and cuts on elbows, knees, hands. Runners helped me up and pointed me the direction of the medical tent, but I wasn't about to let pain keep me from my "best time" goal. Best laid plans sometimes go awry. What do we do about it? Deal with it. Get back on task. We fall down, but we get up!

Because I drove back to Austin from Frisco (after Brennan's baseball tournament) with the Wuerch's to keep the boys a few days while their mom and dad were in New York, I flew home, yesterday, instead of my usual drive. Everything was going as planned. I even had TSA Pre-Check on my boarding pass. Yay! No need to take off my shoes or deal with other standard class procedures! But, NOT! As it turned out when I checked in at security, all I had was the paper "temporary" Texas Drivers License that I recently received. That isn't good enough for security. He asked if I had my passport, and then I remembered looking at my passport before leaving home and thought "Naw -- I don't need my passport!" That being the case, I had to go through more screening than I've ever seen before, a pat down (like none other), and every single item in my carry on case, purse and computer had to be scanned.... individually! Twenty minutes later, I was cleared and went to my gate. I'm so thankful I was at the airport early enough to deal with this unexpected delay! What do we do about it? Deal with it, then get back on task and target! (When I got home today, in my mail was my permanent Texas Drivers License -- timing is everything! LOL!)

There are just times when we life happens, stuff happens, mistakes and inconveniences happen -- for whatever the reason -- maybe just from a lack of focus and/or simple carelessness and/or from not paying attention to God's Spirit in us -- warning us (i.e., me, not getting my passport). We could really get down on ourselves if we focused on the mistakes rather than the victories. I'm so glad that God forgives us time and time again, and just maybe, we should follow His lead and forgive ourselves for some of those crazy things we get ourselves into! We fall down, but we get back up again and again.

In times of uncertainty and upheaval, let's remember that God is our constant. He doesn't change. No matter what the circumstance, God is above it. When we fall down and we get back up again, we, too, rise above our circumstances and encourage ourselves. Yes, we may fall down, but we get up again and again!