Thursday, June 22, 2017

I Am My Beloved’s and He Is Mine

Please indulge me as I’m still living in the precious moments of my recent Holy Lands' trip. I spent most of yesterday going through my journal and taking note of God's special blessings. Needless to say, I felt so wrapped up in God’s love because of so many incidents that brought heaven to earth to me. I read the words just before I left on the trip: "I know You are with me -- guiding, directing, keeping my feet on the pathways you are leading me on -- safe and protected! I AM YOURS AND YOU ARE MINE!" Just look at how those words played out!

First of all – just being able to go on this trip with my dear friends, Charles Michie and Sheila Michie, who were my loving guardian angels – yes, I need double-duty from angels (those in the spirit realm and in the natural). LOL! Because they had flown out a couple of days earlier to Rome, I went it alone until I flew into Houston to meet the other travelers. Of course, God, in His loving kindness, provided me with angels there – dear Tony & Ruby Urbina. There was a divine connection the moment we met. It sincerely seemed like a “match made in heaven” for us. They were my Houston to Rome angels. They wouldn’t leave me for a minute. Tony would lead the way and say "Come on, Babies!" What a blessing they were to me, and then we met up with Mick and Sheila in Rome. They looked out for me in so many ways! We had so many laughs -- especially when we decided to go it alone in Rome, apart from our tour group. When Mick told Sheila and I to hide our name tags because we didn't want others to think we were tourists, Sheila and I fell apart laughing so hard. We had our cameras, our handbags and we were looking at a map -- so do you think we DIDN"T look like tourists without those name tags? LOL!

On the way home on Saturday, in the Frankfurt airport, our time was short, considering the long security checks at several different areas. When our last check came up, my carry-ons were held up. One, because I left a water bottle in one bag, and my computer in the other. Oh me. That delay certainly created some anxiety because our flight departure was soon. Mick and Sheila wouldn’t leave me. I told them to go ahead but they refused. They said “If you’re missing your flight – so will we!” Now that’s love. My bags were checked, and of all things, both were detected for explosives! Here came the police with their firearms. This cute policewoman (pictured below) sure eased my concern with her smiles and good English. Eventually I was released with time to spare and my buddies were there to hustle through with me.

Early on in our journeys, I told about the sweet couple that gave me a necklace "from my husband". That was special enough, but "the love" just kept coming. When I walked into a store just outside our hotel in Jerusalem, one of my fellow travelers called me over to look at a necklace he'd found for his wife who had to stay at home. They both are doctors. I was giving him my “two thumbs up” agreement with his decision, when the shopkeeper asked me for my ring size. He came back with this ring, pictured here. It is inscribed, in Hebrew, “I am my beloved’s and he is mine” – the scripture from Song of Solomon 6:3, and the words I wrote in my journal BEFORE leaving home. Of course, the tears flowed like a fountain because my Lord came through for me as I reminded Him in the beginning "I AM YOURS and YOU ARE MINE" and I knew, both He AND my sweetheart were with me on this journey. There were just too many set-ups. Indeed my Father does love the widows so much, that He continues to pour out blessings I can hardly contain. While I thought of the sweet love I had with my husband, I know that this ring represents the many ways that I belong to Jesus. I am my beloved’s by the gift of His purchase of me, paid by His own life; I am His by surrender, because I gave myself to Him. I am His and He is mine now and for all eternity.

You, too, are His beloved and He is yours. Just believe it, give Him your life and receive His love. I promise you, THAT love doesn't disappoint!