Monday, June 26, 2017

We Know More as We Grow More and Learn More

've used every excuse in the world to deter me from my early morning walks, but this day, I was on purpose. First, I thoroughly sprayed myself with bug spray (we were alerted that mosquitoes are on a rampage here -- and the West Nile Virus has been reported. That was reason enough to deter me from my walk, but, NO MORE EXCUSES!!) Actually, it was the first time I did a 3-mile walk/run outdoors in my community. I've run on the treadmills in the Fitness Center but not outside. It's amazing how close to God we can feel when it's early in the morning, very little traffic on a Sunday, and what beauty and details can be noticed, as well as being able to talk to God, unhindered. Why did I wait so long? I made the turn around our entry and there was this beautiful waterfall. I've passed by it dozens of times and really didn't embrace it. I embraced everything this morning. I am healthy -- no aches and pains, I live in a free country, I have family that loves me, and I can worship God as I please. So much to be thankful for -- too many blessings to name.

I was also on purpose to take Denise, Payton and Alexia out for lunch. Larry and Staci are out of town so it was special "Nana" time! Oh, how I love the conversations at the table. Payton recently put an ad in their local community app "Work Needed" -- "Hey! My name is Payton Wallace and am 17 years old. I am looking for any jobs this summer that I can help with! I have experience with everything from power washing, dog walking, tutoring, piano lessons, house sitting, and more. I have a couple of bills that I need to pay coming up and don't have enough to pay them! (Car payment, insurance, etc.) So if anyone has any work that needs to be done let me know! I am open to almost anything!" And, he has been non-stop busy with over 58 folks who needed help. I'm so proud of his entrepreneurial/willing-to-work attitude and spirit.

And then there's my Alexia -- who was detailing her recent baby sitting job with two children who were bound and determined to be fed junk food versus making healthy choices. My Lexi has now matured to a ripe old "almost 16 years old", and along with that maturity has come the realization that healthy and nutritious food is most important, so she did her best to persuade the children to eat healthy food choices, but without very much success. Denise and I were both smiling at the changes in our girl. Not so long ago -- those two little kids represented my Lexi and Payton -- who loved coming to Nana's house and their Uncle and Aunt's house because food choices were "anything goes". Papa and I loved showering them with a wide variety of treats (i.e. Krispy Kreme donuts). That's a perk of grandparenting. That's why I got them a molten chocolate cake for dessert yesterday. Shhh! Don't tell their mom and dad! LOL!

The point of my post today is "don't sweat the seasons". In due season, we grow smarter, wiser and healthier when we listen to God's voice of wisdom, because "He that began a good work in us, is faithful to complete it." Philippians 1:6. It's amazing how much we come to know as we grow in maturity, wisdom and in God's plans and purposes for our lives.