Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Queen's Responsibility? Sharing Love and Joy is a MUST!

This first photo is one of the first my friends, Charles Michie and Sheila Michie, took when we arrived together in Rome. It continued to be a photo shared of "the queen"! LOL! Not by planning, but I guess providence, I stood exactly under a crown on the Roma photo. So, I guess, if the crown fits, then I'll just wear it! And, our guide in Israel, continued to call me Queen Donna. I should go ahead and own that title.
After all, I am certainly in the royal family of God, and I like to think that being in that royal family has its privileges of being loved and favored, but along with royal privileges, comes royal responsibilities. I know that I should always be sharing my Father's love and joy, because that's just Who He is -- the Giver of life -- and the Giver of joy and love.

I drove to Austin early yesterday morning. It's a BIG birthday month for my champ, Brennan (the BIG 13) and my son, Ryan (the BIG 50)! I can hardly believe I said those words, because it puts a number on me! LOL! 68 to be exact! Thanks be to God for birthdays! Celebrating birthdays of friends and family is one of the sweetest ways to celebrate life. If we're having birthdays, we're still here, so God's plans and purposes for our lives are still in progress. Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, (even before our birth-day, He knew us), before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Aw! We're all prophets to declare the good news and good word to those around us.

I took "joy" with me when I left Frisco, because I realize all the joys of the past, and all the months and years that lie ahead, and I plan to pass those blessings on.

The love we have for God and for each other should be passed along -- like a contagious virus -- except a contagious flood of love and joy. Ever noticed how showing a little love to someone can change their mood from sour to sweet in a matter of a little hug or a little word of kindness? We can shed a little sunshine in the heart of one and that one is cheered to pass it on, and so God's vitalizing joy-giving message goes on.

A few days ago, Bryson (the 10 year old) had to have oral surgery -- an unneeded tooth taken out, and he hadn't been feeling so good. I got here in time to wake him up with tickles and hugs and a Super Bryson story. He was full of joy and energy. His mom told me that they hadn't seen that energy since his surgery. I like to think it was me, but it was more about the transmission of joy. The veterinarian came by the house today to check the animals -- the longhorn, goats and donkeys and to teach Bryson (their caregiver) how to give them medicine. Bryson sure snapped out of his doldrums and into a boy who loves his animals. He caught the love, laughter and cheer. And, so did Brennan when his friends gave him a birthday cake! We came home and I shared about my Israel trip and gave them all their Israel treasures. I loved being a transmitter of love, laughter, and cheer!

Yes, I'm feeling the love since I arrived with a big chocolate cake in hand, along with the presents from the Holy Lands for all, as well as birthday presents for my boys. I see God in giving gifts. I see God in the laughter of these children and I see God in the tender loving care that their mom and dad give them. It only takes a spark to get a fire of love going. It seems to be burning brightly here in Austin