Saturday, July 8, 2017

Happy Anniversary #51

A few days ago, I was with a group of ladies, and in casual conversation, I asked the gal beside me how long she’d been married. She said “44 long years – some days I think ‘That’s enough, already!’” Then she laughed and I knew she was just kidding, but that didn’t stop me from saying “Oh, my dear, I was married 44 years and that’s all I had with my sweetheart – it wasn’t enough!”

A dear Canadian friend of mine was celebrating her 51st anniversary with her husband and she was expressing the joys she had of being married to her wonderful husband. I commented on her post “This would've been our 51st anniversary on July 8th. Keep celebrating those as long as you can. Much love and blessings to you.”

And, to all you sweet married women today, I say “Cherish, embrace, celebrate, and romance the relationship you have with your husbands – and to the men, with your wives.” This life is so short and making every minute count with those we love on this side of heaven is so precious. And it will carry us through to eternity – on that side of heaven!

Of course I’m thinking those thoughts today because 51 years ago today, July 8, 1966 -- I married the love of my life, I was 17; he was 18 -- and that was after a LONG 5 years courtship -- since 12 & 13! And, if I had it to do over again, I’d do it ALL OVER AGAIN! Though many said “It will never last – you’re too young – don't get tied down yet -- you have so much life to live -- you’ll miss out on so much fun", I thought it then and I think it now – “You’re too late with your words of gloom and despair, because this ship has already left dock!” LOL! NEVER did I think "tied down" -- we lived life to its fullest, and had SO MUCH FUN! Yes, we WERE young and immature. We made a LOT of mistakes – but we did so much that was right!! We had a blast living life, and a blast "overcoming" life, and its many surprises and challenges.

When my sweetheart graduated to heaven in 2010 -- I realized how blessed I was to have had him in my life for so many years. This precious man was my cheerleader, coach, counselor, confidante, caring and compassionate friend, and romantic lover. Most importantly, he brought out the best in me – literally, as I was a shy introvert, with so many insecurities, lacking in confidence, yet he saw so much more in me. He urged, coerced, and pushed me to be the best I could be. Because of him, I became a Mom to two truly great children, grandmother to six grandchildren (plus one, my sweet Ruth, wife of Braden) and also, an accomplished organist & pianist, a pilot, a real estate and securities broker, a fisherman (woman), a slalom water skier, a snow skier, a businesswoman, an administrator, a public speaker and, lover of God's Word and fully desiring to serve Him all the days of my life.
I miss him today – more than ever, but because I love him so much, I am overwhelmed with joy that he could be in heaven ahead of me -- he's on his heavenly assignment -- he earned and deserves this. And, of all the beautiful things he gave me, and urged me to become, I absolutely know that the peace, joy and happiness I’m experiencing today, is because of the impact he had on my life – to always look for the good in every circumstance, to be grateful for everything, to be determined to finish this race strong. Happy Anniversary, my Sweetheart! I'm having a blast here.....and I guarantee I'll keep your legacy strong until I BLAST OUT OF HERE to be THERE with you!