Monday, July 3, 2017

The Older I Get, the More I Get It

I don't want to take anything about my life for granted, because, after all, "God knows my comings and my goings" (Psalm 121:8), "the number of hairs on my head" (Luke 12:7), "my innermost thoughts" (Psalm 139:2), and "the number of days I will be on this side of heaven (Psalm 139:16) -- so why in the world should I be concerned about what tomorrow holds for me and my loved ones? I get it. God desires for me to full on engaged with Him and when I do that, I'll have no need to worry or fret about anything!

When I'm worrying and fretting about this and that, and them and those, I'm wasting good mental power (and Lord knows I need to hold onto as much mental power as I can), and I'm disappointing God by my lack of faith in Who He is and how much He loves me.

The older we get, the more faith we should have because we've experienced more of God's faithfulness and it's God's faithfulness that increases our faith and enlarges our expectations for a life that is full of blessings, opportunities to be a blessing, and the immense possibilities of being a world changer and history maker.

The fact is -- our date of death isn't the date that is actually etched on a tombstone. It's the day that we stop dreaming and living and celebrating life. It's the day we start dying.

I plan on living to a ripe old age -- but if God has other plans for my future, my faith tells me to make the most of what I have in this day -- just in case, tomorrow, I get my assignment for the other side of heaven.

I've loved being in Austin, celebrating my grandson's 13th birthday. He's next to the youngest of grandchildren, which means I need to savor their youth as long as I can.

Living in the moment -- making the most of this day -- embracing those around us and giving them the best of us is what will outlast us, and will even open up doors for future escapades with them because they enjoy you so much. They'll invite you to hang with them when they're getting ready to go on exciting adventures! I say, "Count me in! I don't want to miss a thing!"