Friday, March 11, 2016

Boring? Or the Perfect Dates?

We meant this photo to be funny, and it is, but I started giving it more thought. Here are two women with two men who don't see us or speak to us. What a boring date! LOL! On the other hand, some might say -- the perfect date -- we didn't need to dress up or put on make up, and we could talk and talk without resistance.

I know there are many women out there who live in that existence. They feel that their husbands could care less about them, how they look and what they say. Those men stay glued to their computer or TV, with little thought for giving their wives or children attention. It's also the case for many men who feel that their wife gives more attention, concern and care to their children and others than to them.

It’s easy to look back on my past and see all the things I could have done differently/better. My life has been blessed, but it took the death of my sweet husband to realize just how blessed my life really was. That's why I feel such responsibility to tell all you husbands and wives to treasure the lives you have together. Treasure them by investing into it.

How many times do you argue with your spouse over the silliest things? The toothpaste lid, who makes dinner, the toilet seat being left up? Trust me when I say, it's not worth it. It's a waste of time to spend time over pointless drama when you can be laughing and smiling at all the joy that surrounds you. Cultivate your relationship by deliberately setting aside time for quality communication, sweet moments of telling each other just how valuable they are to you and the family, and to really listen to each other. Protect your marriage by investing in it with intentional, on-purpose, deliberate times together.

For all the things I regret not knowing or doing before my husband’s death in 2010, what I don’t regret is my decision to live a full and amazing life after his death. I’ve promised myself I won't miss an adventure and I will laugh and live life with all the joy and happiness I can find.

I can't go back and change the past, but YOU CAN change your present, your future AND the memories you will have with your loved one. We can all learn from our mistakes and we can make sure we LOVE LARGE and we can make sure we live each day in the richest way we can -- in the moments!