Thursday, March 10, 2016

Busy Running....and Going SOMEWHERE

My granddaughter, Alexia Wallace (aka Lexi), aspires to be a veterinarian someday, so it is no surprise that she wanted me to go with her to her "job" where she provides dog sitting service for a neighbor's dogs. She feeds, walks and cares for the dogs throughout the day.
Then, it was off to the pet store. First, it was a stop-off at the hamster habitats to tenderly hold them and encourage them into their amusement park (the wheel that makes them think they're going somewhere....but NOT), and on to the dogs where she oohs and ahs over those cuddly little creatures.
When I was here, last time, she was chasing a runaway dog (in bitter cold, without a coat on) to save him from peril. When in Oklahoma, she jumped out of the car to save a slow-paced turtle from certain danger. Her mind just goes there. She has a heart for God's creatures. She has direction. She knows where she's going -- unlike those hamsters running in their wheel and going NOWHERE.

Isn't that like some of us? We live in motion and speed. We get up early and go to bed late and have no time for "the moment". Do we want our epitaph to read "She/He was always on the go -- but she/he went nowhere!" Round and round we go. Sure, we're busy, but we lack a sense of purpose and direction.

When we are clear on our goal and destination, life will become so meaningful and joyful. The direction is God and the goal is peace. If there's something to do, we will be doing it. It's easy and takes no time because we're clear on what we're doing....and WHY. It's an incredible feeling to know where we are going – to an experience of consistent love and joy and peace.

A lot of folks talk about wanting an “experience” (when they will feel alive) as if it's going to come in the future. Yet what could be a more beautiful experience than this moment, right now? Everything is happening in this moment. I can hear Payton playing the piano, the dogs barking at a passing dog outside, and the neighbors talking. I feel a breeze and a little bit of a chill in the damp Texas air this morning. Neicey surprises us with our favorite breakfast items from McDonald's. Larry is praying for our day to be blessed. This moment right now is beautiful and marvelous, and I’m in full appreciation of it. Who knows what the next moment will bring? Who cares? I’m here now having a glorious experience in this precious moment.

Life is very simple. It’s being present to whatever is directly in front of us. What could be easier? Pay attention. Be alert. Love where we are because we're on purpose when we wake up and put our feet on the floor. We have an assignment to fulfill, people to encourage, and being a light that shines brightly to the world. Isn't it awesome to be alive for this glorious adventure called LIFE, AND going....... SOMEWHERE?