Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Good or Bad Habits Are Addictive

Habit: an acquired behavior pattern, regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary! What habits do you have that might affect how others see you? Biting your fingernails (Oh, I well remember that awful one when I was a kid)? Cursing? Running your fingers through your hair? Being a constant complainer? Talking with your mouth filled with food? Nervously tapping your fingers?

Habits are almost like being on "Auto Pilot" -- there I go again talking about FLYING (4th day in a row!). Once we hit "auto pilot" -- we just move through life without really considering how they affect our lives and how others see us.

Then , there are wonderful habits that are formed in our lives that consistently, and repetitiously, make us BETTER people. From the training we received as kids -- and now teaching our kids. For example -- to say "Thank you!" and "Yes, Ma'am or Yes, Sir". Think about how we were taught to look both ways before crossing the street. It served us well to this day. And it will for our kids as well, forever. Involuntary habits. And, what about the positive habits we have that bring about the best in ourselves and others? Speaking "I love you!" and "I appreciate you!" HABITUALLY. And, those of us who are radical believers in the favors and special blessings that come directly from God......we just naturally and habitually say, "Praise the Lord" or "Thanks be to God"!

And, for those who are facing some major challenges and circumstances that seem out of control -- we just naturally and habitually say, "Praise the Lord -- He's working all this out for my good. This is no surprise to Him. I thank you, God, IN all these things!" Great, involuntary habits, that serve us well when it's good times.....and tough times. What involuntary habits do you have that shows WHO you are, and WHOSE you are?