Monday, March 7, 2016

I Not Only Believe I CAN Fly -- I AM Flying Today

For the last two days, I've focused on "flying" in my posts. Today I get to put my words to action as I fly from Washington to Texas where I'll be celebrating life with my family there.

Yesterday, I posted "I believe I can fly!" Let's take flying a step further. Remember Dumbo -- the Disney elephant character that had huge ears? He was so ridiculed and made fun of by other elephants, until he met Timothy Mouse that changed his life by helping him change his perspective. Timothy convinced Dumbo that his little feather had magical powers that could turn his ears into wings. He created a sense of hope and expectation in Dumbo that was missing. The more Dumbo BELIEVED "anything is possible", the more Dumbo was convinced he could fly. Finally, despite the voices of opposition from the crows, Dumbo rose to the challenge and elevated his faith with courage. He turned his doubt into faith and turned those huge ears into an asset that helped him fly.

What changed for Dumbo? That brilliant little mouse helped Dumbo see that the power to fly begins in the belief that it's possible to fly. Yes, Dumbo is a fairy tale, but even better for us, we have a God in whom "Nothing is impossible". When our hope and trust in Him rises, so does OUR perspective.

What are the "ears" or "voices" that might be the cause for your discouragement, rejection or weakness? The voices of others who say you can't, or the voice of Father God -- that voice of TRUTH and FAITH, that says "With God, all things are possible"? With those "ears", we can rise above our challenges, our past, and those voices of opposition. Dumbo could fly. I believe I can fly…..AND I believe YOU can, too!
#IBelieveICanFly #Dumbo #WithGodNothingIsImpossible