Sunday, May 8, 2016

They Opened Their Mouths With Wisdom

One of the greatest joys in life is to be a my own children AND to those God put into my life "to mother". Nothing is so dear as the results of a hug or a word I shared with someone who needed that hug or word. There is something unique and special about how God designed a woman’s heart to love tenderly, teach wisely, and nurture selflessly.

I left home when I married my husband at such a young age of 17, so there were sure a lot of things I still needed my mother for. Besides washing clothes and cooking tips, I remember the time I wanted to run "back home" to her because of what seemed to be the biggest "spat" EVER with my husband. I'm so glad she wouldn't let me. She reminded me that I HAD left "home", and my new home was with the man I loved and "this little spat would pass". It did. I still needed my Mama's wisdom and instruction. Then, just one year later, I gave birth to our son and I found myself in this same spot several times: the times he got sick (AND, the times I got sick), the times when, as a couple, we hit a rough patch and life seemed so out of control, the times when I needed her voice to comfort me. In God’s sovereign plan for motherhood, He gave me a mother that was my mentor, my best friend and my confidant. And, not only did He give me my mother, but He gave me the dearest mother-in-law EVER (those two women are pictured here on Mother's Day, 2002). God also gave me other older women in age and in faith (and continues to do so) that have come alongside and loved me “like a mother.”

Our stories are all different. No matter what our stories are, our Heavenly Father desires to meet all our needs so that whatever we lack, He will provide. And, after all these many seasons of my life, watching and learning from my resilient, strong, and determined Mom during the time of my Daddy's long illness, and then as a single mom after he graduated to heaven, to my own learning to be a Mom to my children and to other young women, I can assure you that God has special plans for women. He gave us life to give life to others. God's plans for us ensure that we are "mothered" and that we "mother".

Is your Mom with you today? Treasure her. I heard someone talk negatively about their mother who was most certainly a less-than-perfect mom, and she asked me, "What did she ever do for me?" My reply: "She gave you life!" Not only is today a day of celebrating our moms, but perhaps we might consider being “like a mother” to a younger woman the Lord is leading us to mentor. Just maybe we are the answer to someone's prayers.

Today, I honor my Mom, my sweet Mother-in-Law, and all the beautiful and selfless ladies that "mother" those around them with God's love that is unconditional, kind, tender-hearted, caring and loving. Happy Mother's Day!

Proverbs 31:26 "She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue."