Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

On this Mother's Day, I'm so thankful for my angel mom (on the right, Edna Pearl Wheat -- she's in heaven's grandstands cheering me on), and my dear mother-in-law, Lydia Wuerch (still going strong at age 93) -- two women that have been such amazing role models in faith and life, to me! Most importantly, these two "best friends" prayed together, strategized and conspired for our "match made on earth and in heaven". We definitely had an "arranged" marriage -- one that was arranged by these two, and arranged by God. I honor both of these two Godly women who knew God's plans long before we did. Their wisdom ran deep in their lives and in mine. My deepest thanksgiving to God for His handiwork through them!

And, I am so thankful for these two precious girls that God blessed me with -- my Staci Wallace and my Shawntel Wuerch. I have such respect from them as incredible Moms who diligently pour themselves into their kids -- leading by example -- in word AND deed. The greatest gifts they gave to me are my precious grandchildren who call me "Nana"! AND, I'm so grateful to be Mom to these two amazing men that also call me "Mom" and who fill me with so much joy as they celebrate their beautiful wives and my precious grandkids each and every day.

I'm saying "Happy Mother's Day" to them, and to all you beautiful and precious mothers out there today!