Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Take the First Step

Martin Luther King said, "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

I know what was at the top of those two stairs in the photo. The first set was in my home in Sapulpa, OK that I moved from four years ago. Going UP those stairs, you'd find two more bedrooms, an office, a bathroom and a game room. But it didn't end there. There was a pull-down ladder that took you to a massive floored attic with plenty of storage space. It was great to have until my Sweetheart passed away, and when I went up there to see what he'd been storing up there, I gasped and hollered "Ronald Wuerch, what were you thinking -- leaving me with all this stuff to deal with?" LOL! Going back downstairs, you'd find the master bedroom, two baths, a dining room, great room and office. Going outside, there was a small lake at the back of the property that my kids and grandkids loved to hang out at and catch lots of fish.

The second set of steps in this photo take you FROM a crystal-clear, flowing creek, filled with an abundance of fish and waterfalls which all are a play area for my grandsons in Austin. Going UP those steps you'd find a beautiful pool, tennis court, barn, and house -- all of which my kids have made home.

Both of those sets of stairs started with taking STEPS of faith. My husband and I didn't know that would be the last home we would live in together, but having faith in God and His perfect plans and timing for our lives, we purchased that home -- that, by the way, needed a lot of renovations. It was long and hard work, but it was so worth it for the memories we made there, the precious family times, the Bible Studies and people's lives that were transformed there.

The steps on the 2nd photo represent the faith that my kids, Ryan and Shawntel, had in making a huge move from Seattle, the city, friends, church and the major league baseball and football teams they loved so much, to move all the way to Austin, TX. Sure they had walked up and down those steps many times before they took a giant step of faith to move there. They didn't see how it would all pan out, but their faith in God, caused them to take the first step. And, they, too, are making beautiful memories, meeting lots of new friends, sharing their home with missionaries and others as they invite family and friends in to their warm, welcoming home filled with God's love and peace.

Will there always be blue skies, birds chirping, and fish jumping in our lives once we take those FIRST STEPS? No, there won't. There WILL be days that climbing those steps seem insurmountable. There will be times when refusing to climb altogether is the easiest thing to do. There will be moments when we may wonder "Was this STEP OF FAITH really faith in action or presumption in action?" Here's the good news. Faith is not a matter of seeing what God is doing. Rather, faith is a matter of seeing God. Or, to put it another way, I may not know where God is leading, but I can trust that it is sufficient that He knows.

We can say to the Lord, "I am not going to put my faith in what I THINK you are doing. Rather, I am going to put my faith in YOU -- and be willing to see the Truth about what you are doing."

We are told to do this in Proverbs 3,5. "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Lean not upon your own understanding." It isn't that God won't bring understanding. But it is, by faith that we TRUST.

Faith is never a mistake because faith is trust in the One who never makes a mistake. God will not fail to get us to where He desires if we continue to believe and trust Him. So, let's go ahead and take that first step. It's NO STEP for a STEPPER!