Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Forget the diamonds. A backpack is what I want!

Forget the diamonds. A backpack is what I want!
I read a friend's FB post a few days ago, and I, along with many others, were so touched by this Mom’s love story. It is a love story that her sweet little 6-year old daughter is experiencing. The Mom started her post with….”When a man buys me a backpack with the words Joshua gave Meredith, then I will know it is love.”

That's Meredith and Joshua in this photo. Christie, Meredith’s Mom, a single parent who, by the way, is doing ALL the right things in raising Meredith in a love-filled, God-filled home and environment. She essays her single parent life as a faith journey. She doesn't complain about the hardships of raising her little girl single-handedly. She is so inspiring and encouraging in celebration of her walk of faith. Christie went on to say: “Forget the diamonds, I will never settle for less than a backpack!”

It seems that Meredith and Christie were having a lunch date and in walked Joshua who attends a different school than Meredith. The following are her words:

“He hugged Meredith and said, ‘You are the most beautiful girl I know. I'm glad you are still my best friend.’ He takes the gift from his dad, handing it to Meredith. Once she opens it, Joshua turns to her and says, ‘I picked Frozen because I remember how much you would sing the songs when we were in Ms. Hamilton's class. And since I live too far away to come to Kendall-Whittier again, I can't help you carry your stuff. That is why I got you a backpack, and it is a good backpack, not the cheap ones, so it should carry your stuff really good. And look at this, Meredith, it has a lunch box, too, and it snaps on, so you don't have to carry it either. It all fits together, so your hands are free if you fall, but I hope you don't fall, because I don't want you hurt. A backpack is kinda like I'm helping you, even though I'm at a different school again. And you can think of me, if you want, when you use your backpack. My dad says best friends think about each other and pray for good things to happen, even if we are at different schools.’ Christie added, “Tears were rolling down my face, my heart totally in my throat, as Brenda is giving me a hug. Joshua walks to me, saying ‘Ms. Loeffler, thank you for letting me still love Meredith. I asked my dad if I could ask Meredith to play more, but he said it is polite to ask Meredith's mom first. So, can I take Meredith to Chuckie Cheese one Saturday? I've been saving my money, so I can buy her coins, too, and I'll show her the best games to play and share my tickets with her. I know you and my parents have to come, because you guys drive, but I would like you to think about it please. No amount of counting in my head could stop the tears rolling down my face, nor have I ever hugged a set of parents as tightly as I did Joshua's mom and dad.”

Isn’t that the sweetest story? It almost sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? And were it not for my own love story that started at the age of 12 and my sweetheart at age 13, I would only say “It’s just puppy love.” But I assure you, just as my Mom and my husband’s Mom prayed for the future spouses of their children and completely believed that their two kids were meant to be together, I sincerely believe it can start with us and our prayers for our children. One of the friend's remarks on Christie’s FB page following her post was this: “Being that you have prayed every night, for years, over Meredith’s future husband, it does not surprise me if you prayed Joshua right into Meredith’s life so young.” Another gal remarked “OK, they should totally get married right now and spend happily ever after….now, I say, now. Where did this kid come from? Because I totally want one just like him, only my age!”

Don’t you love this? And as I read other comments, I saw a common thread….all women want to be treated with so much respect and tenderness. We want and need to know that we are so loved and cared for. And we want that for our little girls too. Maybe this post today is to remind us that seeing the results, begins with praying daily for our children, creating a faith-filled environment for them that nurtures the God-factor in their lives. AND, this story about two young children, can be the story for love in your own life, too. God answers prayer. I have to agree with Christie – “Just maybe diamonds really aren’t a girl’s best friend. Just maybe a backpack delivered by a handsome prince is.”