Thursday, August 4, 2016

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Are Upon Us

I’ve always loved watching the Olympics, so I’m excited about the Opening Ceremonies this Friday night, followed by the games and events for the next two weeks. Whether we're from the USA, Canada, or another country, we have one thing in common -- it's cheering for our “home team”! Regardless of nationality or country, seeing the sheer will and determination of those athletes who have staked their life upon winning at their sport, is so inspiring.

I really enjoy watching the games, but even more so, hearing the stories of those athletes who were relentless in their training, making personal sacrifices and overcoming so many adverse circumstances just to get to the games.

Nothing displays the drama of Olympic achievement like gymnastics. Okay, I’ll admit – that’s my favorite to watch. Seeing those young men and women who have devoted their lives to such a grueling sport, and considering how they are judged for perfection. Whew! I can’t even imagine being on display like that. 7.5; 8.8; 9.8 – in a matter of minutes, their hours upon hours of uncompared devotion to their sport, comes down to a fraction of a point to win.

In the last Summer Olympics of 2012, we were introduced to, and fell in love with, 16-year old, Gabby Douglas – a spitfire, outspoken Christian witness of her faith, who went on to become the Best All Around Gymnastics Gold medalist. I'm excited that she's back this year, as a 20-year old -- competing again. Though she had put in the hard work and diligence, when she won in 2012, she didn’t assume that it was just her skill that caused her to win. When a reporter asked “How do you feel?”, Gabby said, "Being an Olympic Champion is definitely an amazing feeling, and I give all the glory to God. It's a win-win situation. The glory goes up to Him -- the blessings fall down on me!"

I love that. Isn’t that the way we should feel and then express it to others. As a Mom or Dad, if someone asks you “How do you feel?” Or, as a student or careered achiever….”How do you feel?” Shouldn’t our response be like Gabby’s “Being a Mom/Dad/student/businessman/teacher/lawyer, etc., is an amazing feeling…..AND I give God all the glory. It’s a win-win situation. The glory goes up to Him – the blessings fall down on me!”

Whether we are pursuing gold medals or not, shouldn’t we be giving everything we’ve got in attitude, drive, determination and relentless pursuit to be the best God made us to be? Then I know for sure… day, we we will be hearing “WELL DONE, good and faithful servant, enter into my rest”……where there is a GOLD crown waiting for us at the FINISH LINE!