Wednesday, August 3, 2016

You Are Now Entering Your Mission Field

I heard the story of someone who had such a heartfelt desire to open a Food Pantry, but it seemed door after door slammed for his great and worthwhile idea. Then he heard someone say “Why are you waiting on all the right answers and all the right buildings and all the right team? Why don’t you start right now with volunteering at the Food Bank, or collecting food and items to take to one of the charities here. You’ll be planting seed for your dream.

Quite often, we have the plan all figured out and THEN, we invite God to come along and join in that plan. But, God is the Pilot NOT the Co-Pilot of our lives. I love this photo I posted here today. “If God is your CO-PILOT, then swap seats." From personal experience, I remember time after time that we put together the plan, made business cards, brochures, signs and got the offices. The problem was, we forgot to bring our CEO in on the grandiose ideas. Sometimes the “good” ideas aren’t the “God” ideas. We usurped our ideas instead of getting His plans and ideas. When He pilots the ship or airplane, we can be sure He will position us for the most success at the right time.

Payton Wallace and Alexia Wallace, my grandchildren, flew to Guatemala yesterday with 50 others to minister there for a week with their team. They’ve entered their mission field. Last night, our Life Group volunteered at James Mission – a beautiful ministry here in Tulsa for Foster and Adoptive families. We sorted and organized clothing items and placed them into their designated bins that will be apportioned to those families in need. We didn’t have the original vision for James Mission, but the Reyes did. And, God impressed upon our Life Group to be a support to them. We entered OUR mission field.

The good news is, as soon as we walk through the door of our opens, we are entering our mission fields. Missions: an important assignment carried out for going out into the world and spreading faith and good news. Jesus said in Mark 16:15 "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone." I love St. Francis' words "Preach the Gospel at all times, and sometimes use words".

What is our mission field? I believe it is to everyone that we encounter on a daily basis. The clerk at the store, little children, the homebound, the family next door, the yard man, our own families & friends, our neighbors -- just anyone we have the opportunity to BE A BLESSING to and share the LIGHT of Christ with.

Perhaps, we need to develop a Mission Statement for our lives that keeps us focused on our calling to missions. In Genesis 12, God made His covenant with Abram. He told Abram that He will make him into a great nation and that He will bless him. And then, what God says to him in the last part of verse 2 just may be our Mission Statement, too. "You will be a blessing."

That's it -- whatever we do, wherever we go, whoever we encounter, our mission is "TO BE A BLESSING". Isn't that a great way to live? On purpose, outside of us 4, and no more -- TO BE A BLESSING here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there where you are -- in your school or office building or community club or PTA or YMCA -- BE A BLESSING, and in doing that.....we will be IN OUR MISSION FIELD!!!