Thursday, September 22, 2016

God's Gentle Nudges

We all know how sweet it is when heaven taps us on the shoulder – and we totally recognize that it was God’s way of reassuring us or pointing us in a direction we know we should go or simply to feel His warm embrace…..right when we need it most.

I’m official. Texas license plates on my car….that means I’m committed to this new adventure. The longing has been there for some time. I’ve missed way too many of my grandchildren’s events – that’s reason enough to go. And God's gentle nudges seem to push me that direction. Yesterday, while finishing up the final removal of “stuff” from my home, I sat down for a quick lunch on the only sitting area – my fireplace hearth. I no sooner sat down, than I looked out my dining room window – and on the outside gazing right between two elephant ears, was the Texas flag flying in the distance. I know that flag represents the new Texas Roadhouse restaurant that just went in, but I choose to believe that it was heaven tapping me on the shoulder to remind me once again…..that I’m Texas-bound.

In the meantime, I carried my belongings over to my friend’s home. She was kind enough to offer her home to me while I’m finishing up responsibilities and commitments I have here in Tulsa. I took her to the airport this morning – she’ll be in her “other” home in Virginia for the next 2-1/2 months. What a blessing for me to be in this beautiful home. I laughed as we were leaving for the airport and I heard her tell her stuffed dog to keep a watch over me. And, to top it off, a tall, dark and handsome guy is here with me…..and I’ve heard that he plays a pretty good game of basketball, too. How’s that for full package deal? A home, a guard dog and a man – he’s a stiff, but he looks good, doesn’t complain and I never have to wash his clothes!

I’m amped up on listening for God’s voice, feeling His gentle nudges and even His kick-in-the-pants to keep me pressing onward. This is why God is so wonderful! He wants to help and guide us through the mazes of our lives, even when we don't ask. Now, just imagine if we actively seek his assistance through prayer and daily conversations with Him, the nudge will then turn into a treasure map of spiritual growth and the more we follow His guidance, the more treasures we will discover.

So, let’s pay attention to God’s gentle nudges. As long as we don’t push back, our lives will come ALIVE and adventures will await us!

"God will instruct me and teach me in the way I should go. He will guide me with His eye." (Psalm 32:8)