Friday, September 23, 2016

"Oh The Plans I Have For You, Says the Lord."

Lots of excitement in the Wuerch Family! Not only did my son and family recently move from Seattle to Austin, but their oldest son Braden, having been for several years, and still is in the National Guard, completed his Paramedic training several months ago, and Wednesday night, graduated the Gwinnett County Fire Academy. And, if that isn't enough, family and friends will converge in Atlanta to attend his and sweet Ruth's wedding next Saturday, October 1st.

From this photo of him as a little guy, all decked out in his firefighter costume, seems he mayhave been well on the way to that reality from that young age. Ruth sent me the video of the graduation ceremonies and I must say, it's a wake-up call to hear what these young people have trained and prepared for. They have become public servants -- men and women who put others ahead of themselves.

Captain Rutledge gave the invocation for the ceremonies. Thank God, they acknowledged God. Some of his words were: "Dear God I pray that you watch over them and watch over their families. When they see people at their darkest hour, when lives hang in the balance, that they will know you are with them and protecting them and you are their source of strength. Father, be with their families as they send them off to the station to work. Bring them home safely to their family. We’re at your mercy and grace. Forgive us our sins. We love you. In Jesus’ name. Amen. And that very public prayer was followed by a very public Pledge Allegiance to the American Flag. How’s that for going against the grain of those who want God’s name out of circulation? But those brave young men and women in armed services and public services – know for a fact – they need God’s help in what they do. How proud I am that Braden is serving with this caliber of individuals who give allegiance to God and country. How could anyone want to take that protection away for them? I had goosebumps, and shed a few tears, when I saw this video and the photos of the training required to lay it all on the line for others.

Isn't it amazing how God is such a integral part of the "little things" in our lives that eventually prove to have such BIG meaning? You never know how the desires of our hearts could be leading us to the destiny of our lifetime!

I love how a seed is planted and when the soil is right, the watering is right, and all the other conditions are right......the plant starts coming out of the ground. And, to put icing on the cake, Ruth is in her dream job as a Registered Nurse in Pediatric ICU. I love that serving and helping others is what this young couple is about.

My prayer for my children and my grandchildren is, and always has been, that they find their heart's desire, their passion, that they dream big and see those dreams become reality. I pray that they all grow into men/women devoted to God, to family and to living a full and inspiring life. There is nothing they can't do, nothing they can't dream, nothing they can't aspire to. They are my gifts, my treasures, my dreams and I pray they will always know just how much they are loved by God AND me.

Perhaps you have dreams for yourself and your family today -- all it takes is a seed. Keep watering those seeds with prayers and encouragement and hope and GREAT expectation. Keep your eyes open....the little shoot will come up soon!