Saturday, September 24, 2016

Turn on De-Light!

When I think about God's goodness to me I think about Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart."

That reminds me of our daughter, Staci -- when she was living at home, she pleaded with her Dad for a dog, but because she was so busy travelling, he continued to deny her request. "No, because you don't have the time to take care of a dog." I was her travel companion at the time, and we were in Toronto, Ontario -- she was singing and speaking on 100 Huntley Street -- a Christian TV Show. A lady, who watched the show, called and asked us to come to her beauty salon and she would do our hair. As Staci had told her story -- this lady wanted to tell us her story. It was a "heaven touches earth" time together. The lady mentioned that she has little 8-week old cocker spaniels and would love to give one to Staci. Staci was DE-LIGHTED! But her Dad was NOT! He asked me to talk sense into her, and her reply? "Daddy, please pray about it! If you say "No" after you've prayed, I'll know that it was just a 'window' into what God will provide for me someday." Before we left Toronto, her Daddy had prayed, and God spoke into his heart "If I wouldn't withhold any good thing from you, my son, how could you withhold this good thing from your daughter?" He understood and he called to tell her "Bring that little "window" home with you." Staci's DESIRE had become reality. We all knew her DESIRE was God's DESIRE for her. She named that precious cocker spaniel DESIRE and we called her Desi. Desi was such an asset to our family, a therapy dog -- truly a "delight" gift from God. This photo is Desi with her family. Initially, she was the only baby in Staci's life, but before long, Larry and she married and then she was joined by two other babies.

In the context of that story of Staci and Desi, here's how I interpret that scripture. If we're DELIGHTING in God -- loving, trusting, committing our ways to Him and relying on Him -- then desires will come to us -- and we'll realize those desires are the desires He placed within us. They're actually one and the same.

When my children were young and they did all that I asked them, I was DELIGHTED! I couldn't help but want to bless them and surprise them with something special. I'd make a delicious treat for them or get them something or take them somewhere special. That was my reaction when my children took delight in pleasing their mother. Now, imagine how God must feel when we delight in Him?

That is great news to me. I don't have to make it happen or force that desire into reality. It takes all the pressure off. I am called to trust Him to act. If those desires ever become reality, He will be the one to do it.

Here is my word to you. Be faithful. Trust God. Delight in Him. If we are doing that, the Lord will give us the desires of our heart and His heart. Go ahead -- start delighting in Him today, and just expect His desires to be YOUR desires.