Saturday, October 1, 2016

From This Day Forward

We're in Atlanta at last -- celebrating the love and marriage of my firstborn grandson, Braden Wuerch and his darling fiancee, Ruth Hays. Last night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner -- hosted by Ryan Wuerch and Shawntel Wuerch. It was quite the spectacular affair that included not only the wedding party, but also out of town family and friends -- from Canada, Japan, Germany, and around the U.S. What a beautiful night we had. Lots of photo opts with our precious Braden and Ruth, and I finally got to meet Ruth's parents and siblings (they're triplets) for the first time -- as well as all those beautiful people who love Ruth and Braden so much. Our precious Shawntel was the hostess with the mostest -- The Crossing, a former train station, was turned into a romantic, warm, floral and candlelit haven. Braden and Ruth's favorite love songs were played by a talented musician and singer. It was a delightful night for making memories, as well as remininiscing (a video of Braden and Ruth made by Ruth's sister was played), with an incredible 5-course meal.

I'll never forget the Christmas just after my husband had passed away in November 2010. Braden was always on the phone with Ruth -- almost non-stop over the holidays. Last night Ryan talked about the night they met just a few weeks before and they couldn't keep their eyes off of each other. It seemed like just a "crush" at the time, but here we are six years later, at last watching them so much in love, and today they'll tie the knot....officially, as husband and wife. I'll admit I've been longing and praying for this day as I watched these two be inseparable even though they attended two separate colleges, lived in different states, and pursued their dream vocations. They did it and now starting their lives forever together. I like to think that this marriage is a match made in heaven.....with the help of my sweetheart (Papa). Papa sure loved Braden -- so why not put in a good word -- after all, his prayers MUST be stronger there than here. ;-)

Last night was about the rehearsal before this big day. Like other young couples they have dreamed about this day. I remember way back when -- that I told Braden "Find yourself a Spanish senorita and the two of you will make beautiful babies!" LOL! He did. These two love each other like crazy. You see it in their big beautiful eyes and you sense that this is a FOREVER LOVE!

Now, with great expectations they will begin their lives together. I'm so faith-filled that I believe their loving, thriving, helping-each-other-reach-their-full-potential relationship will be blessed by God. Tonight I'll shed a few tears -- I just know it. That's what Nanas get to do. Another rite of passage is taking place today. It will be with my prayers and my blessings. I wrote that on a little note yesterday. "Keep God at the Center of your marriage and you will go the distance together -- so blessed "FROM THIS DAY FORWARD!"