Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Home is a Heart Matter!

John Denver sang "Hey, it's good to be back home again!" And Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, said, "There's no place like home!" Even though I sold my home and am staying in a friend's home in Tulsa, I'm still singing with Dorothy, "There's no place like home!"

"Home" has changed for me many, many times over the years (way more than most) -- home once was when my sweetheart met me at the door with a sweet kiss and hug, and home was where my kids brought their friends to for comfort and FOOD, and home was where a light was always burning when one of us would be out late. Home was where the yummy smell of chocolate chip cookies were baking. And home was where we could be ourselves -- no masks -- no pretense -- just real, authentic, truth spoken in love....and even sometimes....when the truth hurt. But still, all those things were what made home...HOME!

The meaning of home changes over time -- when we were growing up in our parents' home, then a college dorm room was home, then our first home as a married couple, and then home was where our family came "home" to after they moved out and we were empty nesters. Or sweet loved ones left us for their real HOME in heaven. "Home" has so many different meanings.

Now, in this season between living in Oklahoma and Texas, home represents for space in my friend's home or my mother-in-law's home or my children's home, I've got the "gypsy" wandering vibe going. That's been at my children's urging -- "Mom, take your time on buying a new home! Trust God's timing and the place He's planned for you." I'll admit -- I have been a little antsy about that because this little bird would like a "nest" to go to that she can call her own. But, right here in my friend's home in Tulsa, I'm typing my next FB post with complete peace and sensing that God knows where I'm headed that makes this spot, right here "home".

In reality, it doesn't matter where the structure of a home is, because home is where our hearts are at the time. I've learned that home can be outdoors, in a chapel, in a comfy chair, riding in a car....or even a motorcoach -- really, just anywhere. In this season of my life, I've come to appreciate that my most precious "home" place to be is where I spend time with the Lover of My Soul -- that place of peace and comfort -- where "in His presence -- is fullness of joy"! I'm "at home" with the One Who always wraps me in His loving arms and He assures me I am home....right where He is -- is home -- any where and any time. Give me that -- and I'm home -- my quiet place -- my refuge -- my shelter -- my secret place of the Most High -- abiding under the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1).

Yes.....there really is no place like HOME SWEET HOME -- because Home is a heart matter -- not a place matter -- because any where (and that's everywhere) He is, I'm HOME!