Monday, October 3, 2016

Welcome Fall! Welcome Change!

Fall is in the air. Sandwiched between blazing summer and chilly winter, fall is the "cooling off" season. As I was sitting on the patio of my friend's home in Tulsa last week, I couldn't help but notice the flocks of various species of birds flying south. They know winter isn't far behind.

As we traveled from Georgia through Mississippi and Louisiana and on to Texas in our motorcoach yesterday, it was obvious that the autumn season is upon us. We witnessed it by the gorgeous changing colors of leaves. What a gorgeous drive Interstate 20 is -- the tall pine trees, the evergreens and those trees that are experiencing this transformation. This is my favorite time of the year -- the leaves are changing colors, it's cooler outside, pumpkin spice coffee and candles are abundant in stores. Pumpkin patches are already showing up. I love fall decorations, but this year mine are in a Texas storage unit along with all of my belongings in this "wait" for a home that I know has my name on it and it welcomes me.

Decorating my home with the seasonal changes was always a big deal for me. Typically, I would decorate my home with harvest and fall decor' in early September! But what I love the most about this season, is the heart of thanksgiving that just naturally comes. And, great things happen when we offer thanksgiving. It not only brings honor to God when we speak of His goodness, but our faith just seems to rise to new heights because that attitude of gratitude opens shut doors and brings joy to our hearts and souls!

The changing colors of leaves, birds changing their habitats, and Donna changing's all about accepting the inevitable in life. We will all experience changes. My sweet grandson "changed" his bachelor status to married status this last weekend. When my sweetheart went to heaven, my status changed from "married" to "widow". We should expect changes -- it's that part of life that we CAN'T change. Change really is inevitable, but why not begin to accept the changes with the grace that God gives us....and be thankful that He will carry us through those changes -- to an even better place of destiny and purpose?

It's October and we're into the last quarter of 2016. Maybe we should begin our change from dissatisfaction and opposition to change, to willingness to accept change. Thanksgiving Day occurs in November, but what if this month of October begins our NEW season of gratitude and thanksgving. I sure don't know what tomorrow and its changes will hold for me, but I know I'm sensing God camping out with me in this atmosphere of thanksgiving, and He sure does know. Once again, I hear Him saying "Trust Me. I've got this."