Monday, October 3, 2016

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound. After a beautiful Sunday brunch with the bride and groom, and the rest of the out-of-towners, we gave all our hugs and best wishes and we were then headed out in the Motorcoach again for our return trip to Frisco.

I just had to post this sweet photo of Braden carrying Ruth across their home's threshold today. It sure made my day. Sweet newlyweds starting their lives together, ever after. They leave on their honeymoon tomorrow.

This has been such a great few days both in this motorcoach and all the excitement that surrounded the wedding.

Now, the homeward journey. Yes, it's a journey that we embrace, not simply a destination. On this Motorcoach, it's easy to say that. Tensions are minimal - - especially since we all have our spots. Payton and Alexia have their bunk areas, all private, curtained with built in TVs. I enjoy the dining area where I can study, play cards. We can take turns going to the back of the coach to the cozy bedroom to take naps or watch a movie. Bless Larry's heart, he drives all the way. Well we'll be stopping for a few hours to rest tonight.

We couldn't just drive back to Frisco directly without a stop for family and adventuring fun at Dunn's Falls with 65 foot waterfalls, a historical site grist mill and fun hiking locations. Another stop was Jackson, Mississippi for Staci's Sunday Night Live Facebook feed. The kids enjoyed walks around the Capitol Buildings. We'll get back to Frisco in the morning and we'll close the chapter on Braden and Ruth's wedding weekend and the adventures that went along with it.

We have a choice in life -- to live in the fast lane where we get to our destination in lickety-split time or we can embrace the journey along the way. I love, love, love embracing and really experiencing the journey.

I loved it when we got back from the falls, and to the motor coach and Alexia turned the coach into a facial and makeup salon for her mom. Oh the joys this family brings me. What a blessing to be in this sweet season of life. Smelling the roses along the way sure makes for sweet aromas of thanksgiving and gratitude that blesses this heart of mine.