Monday, October 24, 2016

I've Got the POWER!

I’ve known some pretty powerful people in my time. Power in the sense that they commanded a room when they walked into it. Power in the sense that they could make some very important decisions and alter the course of a country or a company.

I enjoyed the 2003 movie, “Bruce Almighty”. I watched it again with my grandchildren not long ago. It’s a story of Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) who lived a pretty mediocre life. His job as a TV reporter didn’t satisfy him and when his dream job went to another guy, he blamed God for his less-than-meaningful life. That’s when God, in the person of Morgan Freeman, showed up to challenge Bruce to do better with his life. God allowed Bruce to become God for a time so his view of God just might be altered. Well, of course, Bruce misused his power in some pretty crazy shenanigans as he said, "I've got the power". Good news is eventually Bruce discovered that God is not only loving, He’s as close as our breath, He wants us to be successful, and we are His feet, hands and heart in this world. Bruce eventually became selfless and served others.

Here’s what I got from the movie -- God doesn't just want us to survive, or to just stay sane, He wants to give us significance and self-control as we walk through each day with Him having our minds renewed by His Word and our trust in Him.

The point I’m making is GOD really did show up for us and He really did give us power. Not P-O-W-E-R like Bruce Almighty using His power to scare off a band of thugs with His antics, but the power God gave us is the power to love, to forgive, to smile in the face of adversity, to win and to give and to care. God DIDN”T give us power to dominate or misuse that power in a selfish "It's all about me" way. When we begin to know the power of love more than we do the love of power......our world really will know peace. And, isn’t peace really what our world needs more than anything?