Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ya' Just Can't Outgive God!

Day 2 of our Garage Sale meant "Discount City"! LOL! Karen and I always loved the final day of our A-1 Estate Sale business. It meant 50%-75% off and lots of freebies, along with MANY satisfied and happy customers! Our last Garage Sale day was no exception.

A couple was just walking their dog out in the street and I beckoned them to the sale. First they nodded "No", but the man couldn't resist my pleading, as well as my oohing and aahing over their dog which I remarked "His little face looks like a dachshund", and the man's reply was "He IS a dachshund -- a long haired dachshund!" Who knew? He came to look and sure enough he saw this scale and said, "OH, my mom hates her digital scale. She'll like this one so much more (it was the old style). I snapped this photo as they were leaving. I couldn't resist because I could just imagine folks saying "Look at that guy. They're going for a walk with their dog AND their scale. He probably walks a block, then puts the scale down and weighs to see if he lost any weight yet!" LOL!

Another couple came by and saw all the reading glasses we had for sale. My sweetheart and I had many. When we first needed help with our reading, we'd buy a pair, use them a while and misplace them, so we'd buy another pair, and then we'd need to up the strength of the glasses and buy more pairs, and before long, we had loads of reading glasses. Who knew that years later a couple would stop by our garage sale who donates reading glasses to their Brazil missions for those with reading/seeing needs. What a blessing to be able to give them to this couple. Freebies!

Another lady saw Karen's decorative plate sets for sale and when Karen heard her say "Oh I remember my mom's collection of plates. I'd love to do that, too." Of course, Karen gave her the best ever deal for them all.

There was plenty at the end of the sale for a family in need to decorate their home with lots of household and decorative items remaining. What a blessing for them AND us!

Oftentimes, the things we do with intentional purposes end up with a greater purpose. That's what we've witnessed many times over the years. The greatest part....we can never outgive God. Somehow God always "one ups" us. One beautiful Native American woman came to the sale and as she heard our "God bless yous" and our overall enthusiasm and joy, she commented, "There's something about this place. God is here. I feel it." Best. Gift. EVER. We just think we're giving out of the love we have for others. Then, along comes God and shakes us up with a warm embrace that says...."I am loving through you. You are being my hands extended. You are my ambassadors......even at a Garage Sale that you thought was YOUR idea to get rid of stuff. Nope. It was MY idea to bless people through you." How's that for "giving and it shall be given"? How's that for helping to make God even more famous through our little efforts?