Wednesday, December 7, 2016


While on a long run in yesterday's mist and rain, I noted that kids still ride bicycles to school...even in the rain. I was impressed with the exercise they were getting and also with the security they sensed in crossing the busy street because of the watchful eye of a school crossing guard. Those kids matter to their parents and to that crossing guard. Teachers await them at the school. Those kids matter to their teachers who put in countless hours in preparation -- not to mention the patience and steadfastness they must have daily. They matter.

When I arrived back at the home of my Frisco family, morning leadership training and devotion was about to commence. Morning leadership means strategic reading from a leadership book with discussion following. Their book, this day, was "Primal Leadership" and the chapter was entitled "The Motivation to Change". "Self-Delusion" was a sub-heading. Under that heading, ways to correct distortions in self perception were identified. Staci asked the kids "What does "distortion to self perception mean?" Earlier she had noticed that both kids were mellow and not as energetic as they could be, so she said, "Payton, I asked you earlier if you could be more energetic and you said 'I'm always energetic'. That's distortion to self perception. You're NOT ALWAYS energetic." Great conversation ensued. These children matter to their parents enough, that they take time to instill great principles for success into them daily.

Following devotion, Staci said, "I love you two so much, maybe I should have another baby. After all, Janet Jackson is pregnant again at age 50 (Staci will be 47 this Thursday.) She proceeded to say, "I never thought I'd want another child but I think I could do it again!" Payton interrupted her and said, "Yes, Alexia, after Mom had ME, she was ready for more, but after she had YOU, she was like, oh dear, never again!" Alexia jumped in to correct his "distortion of reality" and said...."Actually, Payton, when Mom had you, she took one look at you and said, 'I can do better!" But when she had me, she realized I was as good as it gets and decided to stop at perfection!" LOL -- oh me, you can see I'm going to have plenty of content while here with the Wallaces for future posts!

The fact is.....when we care about others, we do things that show they matter. We say it in words and action. You matter so much to me that I write this FB post and blog everyday in hopes that it will encourage and bless you. God matters to me so much that I obeyed Him six years ago when I saw so much negativity on Facebook, and I heard from Him "Make a difference by putting out positivity." We show our world matters when we pray for peace; our country, state and city matter so much that we observe laws of the land and strive to make it a better place to live In. The poor and needy matter when we support causes and charities that benefit them. And, I'm here to tell you.....YOU Matter!

In this moment, in this place, regardless of your last name, your status on the team, the letter at the top of an exam, the amount of your paycheck, whether you live in a palace or a cardboard box, YOU MATTER. This season is all about HOW MUCH WE MATTER. God sent His only Son to this earth to take on human flesh, to suffer, die and rise again so we could live FOREVER with Him. WE MATTER.

Trust in THAT GREAT LOVE for you, trust in Him, BELIEVE the story and then HEAR ME NOW......YOU MATTER!!

Now, tell someone else they matter, too!