Sunday, January 15, 2017

Whose Super Hero Are You?

I was listening to a Christian radio station as I drove to Austin. The DJ talked about a family he knows whose wife and mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. The entire family dressed up in Super Hero costumes and went with her to each of her chemo treatments to let her know she’s their Super Hero. The DJ said such comfort was brought to her during such trying times because of her “team” support. Quite frankly, this entire family are true Super Heroes.
That reminds me of a similar thing that happened in the life of Moses. In Exodus 17 we learn that the Israelites were encountering their first opposition while wandering in the desert. They were being attacked by the Amalekites. While Joshua led the troops into battle, Moses, along with Aaron and Hur, watched the battle from a nearby hill. Exodus 17:11 reads, "So it came about when Moses held his hands up, that Israel prevailed, and when he let his hands down, Amalek prevailed." Eventually, Moses became weary, and so Aaron and Hur responded by holding up his arms until the Israelites were able to finally defeat the Amalekites. Even the strong, courageous leader that Moses was, he needed heroes and he needed to be willing to embrace the support of trusted friends, Aaron and Hur.

The question for us is “Who are we standing with today and whose arms are we lifting up?” Many people are on the fringes of giving up. Many are discouraged, frightened, and weary from a long testing of their faith. Rather than always focusing on our own problems and concerns, maybe our greatest relief will come as we reach out to others and become their Super Hero.

Maybe we should pause for a moment and ask: “When was the last time I was a hero in someone’s life?” It could be someone close to us, or a complete stranger, but if we intentionally did something kind, generous and courageous for someone, we’d become that one’s Super Hero.

In Mark 12:31 Jesus said “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” How would we feel in times when we are facing insurmountable circumstances and a brother or sister comes along side of us to help us stay the course of our faith? Whose Super Hero are you today? I know there are Moms and Dads who are super heroes for their kids but it’s about time to be Super Heroes to more than just our four and no more. I’ve got my big “S” shirt on and I’m looking for a place to land -- how about you? It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Super Hero YOU and ME!