Thursday, February 23, 2017

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Typically, I'm not, because usually there's a little light of some kind around that helps us see a path we're on. I'll admit, though, while at my kids' home in Austin and I was staying at the guest house for a while....late at night when I walked between the two houses, I did get an eery feeling about a bobcat or another creature jumping out at me. LOL! Then on Monday morning when the electricity was completely out in their home and it was pitch black in the room and house, I did think about those who are seeing impaired and I had a new appreciation for their abilities and courage to live life so fully. I was thrilled I had my mini flashlight with me to help me navigate through the house.

I saw this photo online and tweaked it a little and made it my own as I thought about how the "darkness" was taking over way too many of my friends' lives. Their children are afraid to sleep without a light on in the room and another friend said she needed the TV going to get to sleep. I saw the shades pulled down in a friend's home. Seemed she was preferring the darkness. Each of these precious people, and perhaps, some of you, need to hear these words today. The darkness is afraid of your light and when your light shines brightly..... the darkness will run in fear.

I heard Australian speaker, Christine Caine, tell this story about her little girl. "When my daughter, Sophia Joyce, was very young, we were shopping at a Wal-Mart. We love America for your Wal-Marts! It’s the only place I know of where I can get a casserole and a flat-screen TV at 3:00 a.m. Sophie wanted a flashlight and had the perfect one picked out. Unfortunately Wal-Mart’s flourescent lighting doesn’t make for the best conditions to test out a flashlight. At the register, she was so excited to go home and try out her new little gadget. She said, “Come on, Mum! Let’s go find some darkness.” The lady at the register must have thought I was crazy. I was so excited about the insight of my little girl in that moment. I gave her the whole spiel. “Sophia, what you just said shows more spiritual maturity than most Christians ever reach. We will absolutely go find some darkness!”

And, that precious story speaks volumes about us and our lights. Often, we are so introspective about our fears, anxieties, and the darkness around us, that we fail to realize we don't have to stay that darkness. We can literally counterattack that darkness by turning on THE LIGHT within us, and when we do that -- we will shine so brightly that the darkness just can't stay. And, the best part? Not only will the darkness be dispeled in our will light up the world around us. So, as Christine told her little girl......let's go find some darkness and turn our LIGHTS on brightly and just see the change we'll make for ourselves and those around us today!