Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

I'm big on recognizing blessings aka the favor of God. For example -- that parking place close to the door of the store, the unexpected check in the mail, the traffic light turning green before you stop, the sale price on an item we needed. I think that the more I give credit to where or WHO the credit is due, the more the blessings come, even if it's as simple as finding something that was lost and suddenly you find it.

Sunday night, there was a crazy thunder and lightning storm and torrential rains that hit the Austin area where my kids live. At midnight, the electricity went off and at 12:30 am, I knew it because my bedroom was warming up fast, and I couldn't see my alarm clock -- it was pitch black in the room. I went back to sleep and woke up at 3 am (saw my cell phone clock) and the electricity was still off. I needed to wake up at 5 and be on the road by 6 in order to beat the Austin morning traffic as I was heading back to Frisco for an appointment. Of course I didn't fall back into a sound sleep because I didn't want to oversleep. Fortunately, my phone light guided me to my little flashlight that I used to get dressed and packed up. I sure needed that curling iron but I knew I could stop at a truck stop to get myself together. In the light of the way that morning started, it could be seen as getting up on the wrong side of the bed and if I were a negative thinker, could have thought that this day just might go downhill. But, it didn't -- thanks to the FOG -- Favor of God. That's my daily mindset -- I always look for the FOG and give credit to God when those favors come my way.

I stopped by a truck stop -- but no electricity outlets in there and on down the road I saw Rest Area -- and initially thought "They wouldn't give electrical outlets for free electricity", but I was wrong. Clean restrooms and electric outlets! I even encountered a really sweet lady and we shared our "electric outage" stories and mine paled in comparison to the difficulties members of her family had recently gone through with losing their home to a fire caused by a lightning strike. It's a matter of perspective -- our "little" inconveniences are minute compared to those who are REALLY dealing was some of life's greatest challenges.

My left turn signal went out and I could have looked at the inconvenience of getting the light replaced. As I drove into Frisco and almost to my daughter's home, I saw an automotive parts store and got the replacement bulb and asked the cashier where I could go to get it put in for me. He replied "Right next door at Kwik Kar Car Repair. Hmmm! Thanks, God! The general manager there helped me and said "I won't charge you to put it in -- just too easy to do for you", he said. I was so grateful and then I asked "What about my DRL light (daytime running light) that also needs replacement?" He said he'd check it for me. Just before I had left for Austin, I went to the Buick Dealership for an oil change and asked if they could replace the DRL light for me. The price was going to be $250 -- I told them I'd wait until I returned back to Dallas. The Kwik Kar General Manager put both lights in that I needed and he said "No charge". I was in shock because of what the Buick Dealership was going to charge me. I gave him a $50 tip. Favor of God.

From there I went to Panera Bread to grab a glass of iced tea. The cashier said, "No charge!" WHAT are you saying to me, Lord? "The Favor of God".

As many of you are aware that since my home in Tulsa sold back in September, I've been living between the homes of a dear friend and my mother-in-law in Tulsa, and my children in Frisco and Austin. Though I looked for possible homes to establish myself in Frisco (it's halfway between Austin and Tulsa), I never had the sense "Buy me!" That is, until this same day -- Monday. I had made an appointment with a realtor that I first met when I was introduced to Frisco Lakes and saw a couple of his homes but I just wasn't interested to the point of buying. That is, until Monday. The first home I went into, I sensed "This is it! This is that place you'll call 'home'! By the end of the day, without my children's approval or them even seeing the property, I made an offer on that home. Yesterday, I signed the final deal. I like to think that the month-long hiatus with God was producing His favor to me. I abided in His sweet presence -- seeking Him for the plans and purposes He had for me. I had peace and I know it was that peace that led me to this day and this place.

Staci was videoing me at my new house (closing will be April 3rd) and she asked what made the difference this time in making a decision. My response was Peace led me. That Peace that passed my understanding. That Peace that I've lived in way back before just recently. It was the same Peace that has kept me through some of my toughest times, but sweetest times, the Peace that came when my home in Tulsa sold when I wasn't even trying to sell it. It was the Peace that assured me that if I trusted Him with my whole heart and would not lean to my own understanding, but if in all my ways I would acknowledge Him, He would direct my steps and my pathways. He did and on this day, I give Him the utmost CREDIT where CREDIT is due. I give Him the praise and thanksgiving for loving me so much, that He never left me, but gave me the assurance that His favor was with me.