Tuesday, March 14, 2017

God's Kaleidoscope of Colors

I haven’t seen one of those fun toys in a long time, but I saw one yesterday and I remembered the awe and wonder I had as a child peeking through the hole in the end and turning the cylinder to see the vivid colors and shapes change dramatically. Isn’t that like our lives with its vivid colors and changes that alter the way things look in our lives from one season to another?

Yesterday, Staci, Denise, Alexia and myself met up with dear friends that we hadn’t seen for well over 20 years. The kaleidoscope of our lives has changed a lot. Marnie, Pat and Denise were a part of Staci’s Bible Study group (before she was married) that met in our home weekly. Staci was teaching young people to live as fully devoted followers of Christ as she taught her Pledge for Purity to them. Pat was a “motorcycle gal” who gave her heart to the Lord at that Bible Study, and now lives in South Dakota on beautiful property where she enjoys her singleness and her relationship with God. Marnie Freeman who was Staci’s graphic artist for her Cinderella Ministries and did the graphics for her newsletters as well as the CDs she recorded and published. Marnie's life was transformed also at the Bible Study. She was also a part of our missions team that went to South Africa to minister there. We talked about how she came out of her comfort zone as she prayed with so many people on that trip. Sne married Kevin, and have two beautiful daughters and are very active in politics. Marnie, an award-winning Artist of Liberty, recently accepted a public commission to paint a picture that will be presented to President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Then there are the changes in our own lives -- my husband and I who opened our home to those young people in those early Bible Study days and Staci, marrying Larry who was one of the attendees of that Bible Study. We have encountered so many kaleidoscope changes in our lives also. Ron, my husband, who went to heaven almost seven years ago, Staci and Larry going on to help establish churches, continue with our family’s hearts for missions, and being world changers through active ministry and business opportunities. We talked more about those kids from that Bible Study and how each and every one of them are serving God passionately in their families, homes, businesses and ministries.

I recognized the kaleidoscope colors: White – the Pledge for Purity that was the model for those young people to establish their own measure of rule for purity. The white dress Staci wore as she told the story of Cinderella over and over to young girls across the country of how there is only one pair of shoes that God made for each of them and the Prince of Peace came to help them understand there is nothing impossible as they trust in Him.

I thought about the color pink as I looked at Marnie’s two beautiful girls, and next to me, my Alexia, who God treasures and loves so much. I heard how God is using each of them in music, dance and public speeches.

I was thinking about the color silver as Marnie and Staci shared they’d been married 18 and 20 years respectively, each being blessed with such Godly, beautiful men.

I thought about the color gray as Pat has let her hair grow natural – she was proud to say she was turning 66 this year – she was in her 40s when Staci led the Bible Study. I thought about my silver hair that is hidden quite nicely with the color only my hairdresser knows for sure. LOL!

And I thought about here and now and how each of us has had to muster up a lot of courage over the years to press through tough times. That would be the color green that I’m noticing as the trees’ leaves are turning beautiful green everywhere.

And, lastly I thought about the vibrancy of red – fire engine red—blazing and bold because we’ve learned that trusting in God has been our life support, our anchor in the good and not so good times. Each gal that sat around this table yesterday, are women of character and honor, who are determined to be flexible to change, to be a cylinder of colors that reflect the ONE who looked at this world and, while He could have made it all black and white, said, “Nah, I can do better than that!” So he came up with the brilliant genius of making a world that daily gives us a kaleidoscope of beauty!