Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Oh, MAGNIFY the Lord With Me!

I'm sure looking forward to moving to my new home in just 16 days. But, last night I reminisced about the sweetness of the last 4-1/2 months that I’ve been so blessed to be an intimate part of my kids’ lives and my mother-in-law's life by being in their homes, enjoying their daily routines and experiencing real, authentic family times together. They didn’t want me to immediately buy a home so I could hang out with them for a while. I’m so thankful they love AND like me that much.

Last night I was a little nostalgic as I took a closer look at my cozy bedroom where I’ve enjoyed such precious times with the Lord – magnifying Him and His goodness to me. My room furnished with a black, white and gray color scheme, with red accent pieces, bed pillows and this cute red chair that was a Christmas gift from the Wallaces and the plaid blanket was one of the gifts from the Wuerch’s. Of course my joy and comfort was magnified The photo here of the large magnifying glass on an opened Bible that’s also in my room at the Wallace’s home, and the ship says “With God all things are possible” were really my inspiration for today's post, as well as my daily inspiration to magnify God’s promises.

Here’s the deal about a magnifying glass. Magnifying doesn’t really cause objects to be bigger. They just look bigger than they really are through the magnifying glass. But when we “magnify the Lord” – that is, magnifying (focusing on and relying on) His promises and His faithfulness in our lives, it causes us to never doubt that God is BIGGER and GREATER than any of our problems.

This verse says "Oh MAGNIFY the Lord with me and let us exalt His name forever." Psalm 34:3 -- magnifying (making larger) the goodness and greatness of God in our lives.

Just think about Mary, Jesus’ mother, who became pregnant by the Holy Spirit, but who would believe THAT unbelievable story? Mary could have been stoned to death for such immorality. At least that's what the townspeople would want to do. She WAS pregnant and WHO would believe such a cockeyed story that she had NOT been with a man. Her reputation could have been completely ruined. At the very least, her fiancĂ©, Joseph, could have had her put away. Mary could have MAGNIFIED her circumstances and her troubles, but instead, she MAGNIFIED Him who should be magnified during our best AND toughest times. Mary's words in Luke 1:46 expressed her attitude during her worst of times: "And Mary said, My soul does MAGNIFY the Lord, and rejoices in the God of my salvation,"

We don't need this jumbo magnifying glass to make the Word of God bigger, but if we would MAGNIFY all that is good, all the blessings, and all that God represents in our lives......then just maybe, those impossible situations and circumstances might just shrink in size and eventually be the NOTHING that is impossible with God!