Thursday, April 20, 2017

Little is Much When God is in it!

My course was altered yesterday when the flu bug took me out and I had to direct the movers from my “Director’s Chair”. It was my long-awaited moving day. Thank goodness for dear Denise Gerrich who supports and helps the Wallace’s and me so unconditionally. She co-partners in so many valuable ways.

Remember the story where Jesus told the disciples to find food to feed the crowd of over 5,000 and all they could come up with was a little boy's lunch of two loaves and five fish. Co-partnering with the disciples and a little boy, Jesus was able to feed the masses by multiplying what they had on hand.

He is the Master multiplier. We are the chosen partners He uses. Imagine that little boy's story the rest of his life? Jesus used ME! He takes little and makes BIG out of it. "Little is much when God is in it!"

What if, today, we present Him with what we have? Someone who raises their hand and says “Pick me!” to make a meal for someone in need, or taking a friend for a doctor appointment, or at the very least what "little" do I have to help someone. My prayers. What about that one who has gone through tremendous physical challenges. What could I do for her? Stop to speak to her, to engage her in conversation, to applaud her courage and tenacity. Co-partnering with God to be a difference maker.

Not a big deal at all. But, if I"m one of God's partners, my little just might be the BIG God uses to multiply blessings to them. How about you? Maybe inviting someone to dinner today or giving items you no longer need away, or taking a meal to someone. It may seem little to you, but BIG to them. Yes, little becomes BIG when we accept our partnership with THE MULTIPLIER!