Thursday, May 18, 2017

It's the Little Things That Matter

Two of my heart throbs who make coming home to Frisco TX so sweet. Before I left for Oklahoma last week, I stopped by the Wallace's for a beautiful Mother's Day breakfast (Thanks, Denise -- best cook EVER.), precious cards, and a gorgeous Saint Edward cross necklace brought back from Westminster Abbey when Staci and Larry were in London a few weeks ago. Payton blessed me with a piano concert (he was playing when I walked in the door -- he knows how to get to this heart of mine) and then Lexi joined him in a duet. Lexi presented me with her homemade scented candle creation -- all from scratch with "Best Nana Ever" words. Be still my heart!

I saw many of you gals post those sweet words to your kids "I don't need anything but your presence. I don't need gifts, but I want you to always know I'm here for you. The refrigerator is always open to you, etc." I love your sentiments, and while I agree with them, I truly love the little tokens of love that come my way. I still have the ice cream stick sign Alexia made for me to cheer me up after her Papa passed away, as well as the ceramic cow she painted at Marvel Camp, and then gave it to me. It really is the little things that mean so much.

I still hold dear the yellow rose my sweetheart had for me in the car every time he'd pick me up at the airport and the little sticky notes he'd have for me on the mirror or on my desk or on the refrigerator. I love the flavored coffee from Race Trac that Denise surprises me with. I love the random love notes I get from my sweetheart-in-heaven (handwritten by Staci). I treasure the short and sweet phone calls from my son who lets me know he's thinking of me. I love the baby roses and delicious bread my cousin brought over to me to welcome me to the neighborhood. I cherish the emojis -- "likes", "loves", "thanks" that I receive on Facebook from YOU and YOU! It may not seem like a BIG deal, but that little "cheerleading" and "encouraging" act, means the world to me and it keeps me waking up at 6 a.m. to push the POST button so you'll hopefully read and be encouraged as you start your day.

Sincerely, the little things that we do for each other and for those who need that expression of kindness can turn someone's gray skies to blue, add a spring to their step, give them hope for their day and turn those feelings of loneliness to "loved" -- by just a simple "I care" in some way to them. Sincerely, little things -- little acts -- little words -- really do matter!