Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What's Your True North?

This morning, as I make my way back to my home in Texas, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the last few days in Oklahoma --
most of which was spending quality time with my sweet mom-in-law. Serving her over the last couple of days has been such a joy, but along with the serving, came the thanksgiving for having a legacy of being part of a family that puts God first in everything. That legacy runs through my veins, so much so, that I know what my TRUE NORTH is.

Let me explain "TRUE NORTH". Our "true north" is our orienting point -- our fixed point in a spinning world -- that keeps us on track as a parent, a friend, a son or daughter, an employee or employer, and as a fully devoted follower of Christ, etc. It comes from our most deeply held beliefs, values and principles that we live by. It is our internal compass -- completely individual to each one of us. Our True North keeps us centered on what's most important to us....but, most of all -- to God.

Here's how it works for me. I must be myself -- with the gifts and abilities God has given to just me. I must own them all. When I am myself and not trying to be someone else, I feel so alive and confident knowing I am being the real me and that's when I know I'm in-sync with my True North.

I was a I was a little wimpy while I was here in Tulsa because I realized how much I missed it here. There are so many places, people and things that I hold dear because my sweetheart and I made this place our home, with so many memories and friendships for over 40 years. Initially, I felt a little guilty about having those feelings because I know, without a doubt, God called me to a new place. Then, I pulled myself together and owned those feelings without regret because they expressed ME! But here's what else I know about me, the best of me -- and that's accepting my new day, new life, new friends, new expectations, making new memories. Certainly not forgetting the past, but using it as fuel to propel me into my future.

The finale of my Oklahoma visit was spending precious time watching my godson with his mom and dad at his Swim Meet last night. This boy was a sick little baby when he was born, but here's his True North. His beginning and his past no longer defines him. He is defined now by how he finishes. Sure, he had some hearing loss, but he has a "pitch perfect" singing voice. Sure, he had a collapsed lung at birth, but today those lungs equip him to swim a mile in a triathalon, as well as swim in four heats last night. Owen's True North is no doubt, Philippians 4:13 "I CAN do all things through Christ Who strengthens me." Come to think of it, that's my TRUE NORTH, too. I also, can do all things through Christ Who strengthens ME! And, so can you!