Monday, May 15, 2017

Make Every Day Count -- the Diary and Photo Album of the Wandering Widow!

That's my new slogan and it sure worked for this weekend. Since I had spent so much quality time with my kids and grandkids over the last seven months of my transition from Oklahoma to Texas, I determined to make Mother's Day weekend one that I was able to spread the love to other dear friends and family. I know "Give, and it shall be given" -- that's just God's law of giving and receiving.

Saturday morning, I headed to Oklahoma City for my great nephew's high school graduation. It was a nostalgic drive from Dallas to OKC because as newlyweds and young parents in Dallas, we made many trips to Lake Murray, Turner Falls and Lake Texoma for overnight camping trips. I had many Memory Lane thoughts. That's what we "mature" folks get to do, and I urge you, "young" folks, to make lots of memories so you'll have something to do when you're taking long drives in the future! LOL!

My nephew (my sister-in-heaven's son, Mark David Lawrence and his sweet wife, Donna Lawrence had just about an entire section reserved for their own family in the Cox Convention Center for the graduation. There were about 30 of us. I love that this family celebrates each other and it's a great excuse for a "family reunion" afterwards! Congrats to my great nephew, Caleb Lawrence, on his graduation. Oh, the places he will go!

Then it was a drive to Tulsa to spend Mother's Day weekend with my sweet 94-year-old mother-in-law. I treasure this time. We talk and talk about everything -- but especially what she has meant to me over the years. Those two "besties" (she and my mom) made sure that my husband and I would eventually marry.....and stay married! Oh the storms they calmed through their prayers for us! LOL! Mom hasn't quit. Right now, she's on the phone encouraging and supporting a dear friend. She gives and she keeps getting back!

Then it was to Madalene Church where I was able to reconnect with my dear long-time friends (17 years) and my sweet godson and his family. Because I had been so ill with the flu in April, I missed the First Communion of 24 sweet kids, and especially my godson's sister. We made up for it yesterday. Also, I was able to connect with a wonderful seminarian, James Porter, who in just two more years will become a priest. He's definitely one of God's chosen vessels to be His hands extended. Since I first met him, I knew God had special things in store for him and God's people. He is never without a beautiful smile and he draws you into his heart and soul. He's one of those that brightens up the room when he walks inl

Then it was time to celebrate Mom's family (her daughter, Karen). Four generations there for Mom! Seven mothers enjoyed a great meal prepared by the men. The only one missing was my sweetheart, but I sensed him smiling at the group of us. Well, also my kids were celebrating Mother's Day with their own families in Austin and Frisco.

The big finale of this day was spending time with my dearest friends in the world, Mick & Sheila Michie in their beautiful new home that is so blessed by God. It's like we're never apart because we reconnect in such special ways, remembering the past blessings, today's and our hopes for tomorrow's blessings. We've seen God answer our prayers in so many ways. Of course, being seranaded by Mick is the icing on the Mother's Day cake!

Yes, this was the "Wandering Widow's musings of my weekend!
Yes, this was the "Wandering Widow's musings of my weekend!
Thanks for indulging me. It was my way of sharing how we can make our days count. We won't ever have this day again, so why shouldn't we make the most of it that we can? What we choose to spend time on can unlock blessings for us today, and every day to come.

In Proverbs 3:1-2, we hear instructions for making the best of our days: "My child, never forget the things I have taught you. Store my commands in your heart. If you do this, you will live many years, and your life will be satisfying."

Let's make our days count by recalling God's goodness, spreading His love around in word and deed, and being grateful for a new day.