Sunday, May 14, 2017

They Opened Their Mouths With Wisdom

Happy Mother's Day to ALL my girl friends and sisters, and that includes all women who have been gifted with that "maternal instinct" of nurturing and caring for others. It’s true what they say about women — “we are life givers”. Mothering is the thing all women do, with the small and big kids under our care or it may be the kids at our church or the neighbor boys and girls up the street. It may be the paper boy, our students, our grandchildren and our nieces and nephews.

I've been blessed with my own precious children, but I'm also called "Mom" by many others who have given me the opportunity to mother them as well. Nothing is so dear as seeing the results of a hug or a word I shared with someone who needed it.

I'm proof positive that we survive every challenge and every situation..... and believe me.....there were many to overcome, but God's grace equipped me for conquering. I left home when I married my husband at such a young age of 17, so there were sure a lot of things I still needed my mother for. Besides washing clothes and cooking tips, I remember the time I wanted to run "back home" to her because of what seemed to be the biggest "spat" EVER with my husband. I'm so glad she wouldn't let me. She reminded me that I HAD left "home", and my new home was with the man I loved and "this little spat would pass". It did. I still needed my Mama's wisdom and instruction. Then, just one year later, I gave birth to our son and I found myself in this same spot several times: the times he got sick (AND, the times I got sick), the times when, as a couple, we hit a rough patch and life seemed so out of control, the times when I needed her voice to comfort me. In God’s sovereign plan for motherhood, He gave me a mother that was my mentor, my best friend and my confidant. And, not only did He give me my mother, but He gave me the dearest mother-in-law EVER (those two women are pictured here on Mother's Day, 2002). God also gave me other older women in age and in faith (and continues to do so) that have come alongside and loved me “like a mother.”

After all these many seasons of my life, watching and learning from my resilient, strong, and determined Mom during the time of my daddy's long illness, and then as a single mom after he graduated to heaven, to my own learning to be a Mom to my children and to other young women, I can assure you that God has special plans for women. He gave us life to give life to others. God's plans for us ensure that we are "mothered" and that we "mother". We don’t have to bear children to mother those who need a loving hug, an encouraging word, a kick in their royal bootie that gets them out of their doldrums, or to pray with them that they overcome and conquer.

On this Mother's Day, I'm so very thankful for my angel mom (on the right, Edna Pearl Wheat -- she's in heaven's grandstands cheering me on), and my dear mother-in-law, Lydia Wuerch (still going strong at age 94) -- two women that have been such amazing role models in faith and life, to me! Most importantly, these two "best friends" prayed together, strategized and conspired for our "match made on earth and in heaven". We definitely had an "arranged" marriage -- one that was arranged by these two, and arranged by God. I honor both of these two Godly women who knew God's plans long before we did. Their wisdom ran deep in their lives and in mine. My deepest thanksgiving to God for His handiwork through them!

And, I am so thankful for these two precious girls that God blessed me with -- my Staci Wallace and my Shawntel Wuerch. I have such respect for them as incredible Moms who diligently pour themselves into their kids -- leading by example -- in word AND deed. The greatest gifts they gave to me are my precious grandchildren who call me "Nana"! AND, I'm so grateful to be Mom to these two amazing men, Ryan Wuerch and Larry Wallace that also call me "Mom" and who fill me with so much joy as they celebrate their beautiful wives and my precious grandkids each and every day.

I honor all the beautiful and selfless ladies that "mother" those around them with God's love that is unconditional, kind, tender-hearted, caring and loving. Let's emember who we are and who God called us to be! May God’s grace, peace, and love surround you this Mother's Day, making you feel as special -- and exceptional -- as you truly are.

Proverbs 31:26 "She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue."