Friday, June 2, 2017

Opposites Attract

At dinner last week at our fishing cabin, with three 17-year old guys, as only Staci can do when she is in rare form (that’s most of the time), asked the boys what were they looking for in a future wife. I know what’s she’s doing when she asks those kinds of questions. It’s an “imparting wisdom” time. One of the boys immediately spoke up and because he had a recent break-up with a girl, said, “Now I know I want someone just like me – has the same sense of humor, likes the same foods and other things, loves God just like me.” Hold on to your seat.....the firehose is getting ready to come out! LOL! Because Staci and Larry are complete opposites but have adapted themselves to each other’s likes and dislikes, she had some great words for him and, in fact, for all of us!

We’ve all witnessed couples that we’ve thought "How did THEY ever get together?" I know that's the way it was for my husband and I. He had a serious, intuitive, methodical, perfectionist, deep-thinker personality. I, on the far end of the spectrum (as far as the East is from the West), was/am a lighthearted, sanguine, fun-loving, upbeat, go-with-the-flow personality. It worked well for us. We completed each other. We made each other better because of what one of us lacked, the other had. But, it didn't come without years of maturing and adapting.

Speaking of “opposites attract”, think about how opposite we are in our relationship with God. He is perfect; we are not. His ways and His thoughts are so much higher than our ways and our thoughts. He loves unconditionally; we do not. He forgives and forgets. We try to forgive, and seldom forget. He gives without expectation of return. We give expecting to receive.

Here's the really good news. He is attracted to us, and we are attracted to Him. Everything that He is, and we're not, is okay -- He knew that, so His perfect plan of giving us His best, His one and only Son, bonded us together in perfect completion. Yes, "In Him you have been made complete......" (Colossians 2:10) Like my husband and I, after spending so much time together, we started completing each other’s sentences. We knew exactly where to go out to eat, because after all that time together….we knew what we loved to eat. And, every day as we spend time with God, we'll find ourselves taking on more and more of His characteristics and His beauty, and before long, we start to think as He thinks, forgiving and forgetting like He forgives and forgets, and gives and loves unconditionally.

We sure do want to be like Him, but it can be a long, slow process of growth. Like in our marriages, maturing in Him, is a gradual, progressive development that will take the rest of our lives. St. Paul said, "This will continue until we are . . . mature, just as Christ is, and we will be completely like Him." (Ephesians 4:13). We are a work in progress, but the longer we are in relationship with Him......the more we will be complete in Him. And, in this case -- OPPOSITES DO ATTRACT!
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