Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wonder Woman Could Fly; Eagles Can Fly, If They Try, and So Can You and I

had to take many hours of "ground" school first -- to learn everything I needed to know about the airplane, what makes it fly, the weather, distance measurement and so much more. The more I had to be in ground school, the more I wanted to get in that airplane on my own and fly. I was discontented with staying "grounded"! I wanted to fly!

Speaking of flying, you would think my daughter was a Wonder Woman junkie by her over-the-top excitement to see the new Wonder Woman, especially after she saw the trailers and was moved to tears with passion. Some would think she is a fanatic about action heroes and sci-fi, but no, it's so much greater than that. This little girl that we named Staci (which means "resurrection life") has so much life in her that she truly believes she is a Queen Esther or a Wonder Woman with a "for such a time as this" mandate from God. As much as I have always known God has a call on her life to make a difference in this world, something is stirring in her today that takes her desires to a whole new level. I'm seeing it in her walk, her talk and her dissatisfaction for the status quo.

I went over to their house yesterday morning, and her energy level was running at mach speed, exploding with the details of a dream she had last night, wearing her Wonder Woman t-shirt, and stoked about seeing the movie, it didn't really surprise me a bit. As I watched the movie with them and saw Wonder Woman's absolute passion and drive to save humanity, I understood my Staci's heart and passion. I won't be a spoiler if you haven't seen the movie, but it may be one that you consider seeing, but if you watch it as just another good action movie, then you're missing my point in sharing this post with you today.

We all have the opportunity to live way above the mediocrity of watching the news 24/7 for our daily boost of energy, or rather our daily boost of depression. Like Wonder Woman AND Staci, we can purpose to get ourselves on a higher frequency. A frequency of passion to make a difference, a passion to pray for Wonder Men and Women who say, "Pick me!", "Empower me!", "Give me wings to fly like an eagle!" I don't know about you, but I want to live in a zone that takes me to a place of "I am here this day and this time for a purpose, to be on help save humanity, too! Here I am, Lord! Send me. Use me. Teach me. Push me. Make me uncomfortable with pecking with the chickens. I am ready to mount up my wings like an eagle....and fly!"

Please watch and listen to this short video that Staci recorded yesterday about "staying grounded with the chickens" or "spreading your wings to fly like an eagle" and get started on your "flying" ground school today -- in the post below this one!